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Persil popover flash ad mock-ups

Disney Brave pop-over iPhone advert mock-up


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Latest news

Here is a selection of recent projects. I am about to start designing, coding and developing my first html5 responsive website for a new client. My focus continues to be layout design though

Persil popover flash ad mock-up

30th May 2012 by benbrown

Persil popover flash ad. A pitch concept while working for 3 different versions for 3 age ranges, mothers with babies, children or teenagers. One mock-up with a ‘simon’ game style musical interaction idea.




Disney Brave iphone popover mock-up

24th May 2012 by benbrown

iPhone pop-over ad mock-up for Disney’s Brave, a pitch for First image: possible transitions for initial click-through iphone advert.



The One Nairobi

19th October 2011 by benbrown

The One Nairobi hotel front page designs by Ben Brown

A website design for an African hotel. The concept for the site was that it had a daytime, dusk and night switcher on it as a style shifter.